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Do you have weekend availability?
We typically work Mon-Sat., with some Sunday exceptions.
How many people will come out?
Most jobs are assigned to two people. In some cases more people may be assigned. For small jobs one tech may be assigned to visit you. You can request more than if you have time constraints.
What should I do to prepare before my appointment?
If you are having your windows cleaned please make sure everything is removed from the window sills. If you are having chandeliers cleaned please move appropriate furniture, and for pressure washing please make sure your windows are closed all the way so that no water gets inside during cleaning.
What is included in my Window Cleaning Service?
Our basic cleaning service includes the washing of the glass surface with a soap applicator and nylon pad to clean normal dirt and debris, then rinsed using a squegee, and finally the glass is detailed and streak checked using huck towels. The sills and frames are wiped down as well. This process is not expected to remove paint, construction debris, sealants, stickers, silicone, hardwater spots, or scratches.
Can you remove paint from windows?
Yes we can remove many types of debris from windows including, paint, stucco, silicone, stickers and other construction and remodeling debris. However paint and construction debris removal is not part of our "Basic Window Cleaning Service." There is an additional charge for these services.
What is your cancellation policy?
If a cancellation is needed please cancel appointments at least 48 hours in advance as we may still be able to schedule someone else for the time slot. Any cancellations made in less than 48 hours, same day cancellations, as well as missed appointments and lock outs will be charged a $125 cancellation fee. Cancellations must be made over the phone.
What is the construction clean up service?
Construction clean up consists of removing construction and/or remodeling debris from windows during the cleaning. Paint, stucco, silicone, stickers and stain are commonly removed on a construction clean up. Please inform us if you are calling from a home or building that was recently built or remodeled and has construction debris.
Why does construction clean up cost more than basic window cleaning?
Cleaning up post construction debris takes a considerable amount of additional time and more specialized techniques and tools are utilized.
My windows look foggy, will the fog go away after the windows are cleaned?
"Foggy" windows are often damaged or defective double paned windows that have had condensation accumulate between the 2 glass panes. This does not clean up. The fog is between the panes of glass and comes from a broken seal on the actual window.
Do you carry insurance?
Yes. Your window cleaner can provide proof of liability insurance if requested. It is noteworthy to mention that we have yet to have a single incedent in which insurance was needed. We have performed hundreds of cleanings over the years and we guarantee our work and your safety.
How often should I have my windows cleaned?
Depending on your circumstances and location, window cleaning should typically be done every 6 months to 1 year for residential properties, 3-6 months for commercial properties and every 2-4 weeks for storefronts. However we can schedule them to be done biannually, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly, biweekly or even weekly depending on your preference. Many residential customers like to have their windows cleaned in and out once or twice a year and the exterior of the windows cleaned quarterly or monthly, while some commercial accounts like restaurants need to have windows cleaned each week.
What payment methods are accepted?
Cash, Checks made payable to “America’s Best Inc,” MasterCard, Discover, Amex and Visa are also accepted.
What sort of products or chemicals are used?
For basic window cleaning we use industry standard solutions which are safe, non toxic & biodegradable chemicals.
How much does rain affect clean windows?
Not as much as one may assume since all the dirt that was once on the window is gone, rain drops have nothing to cling to, thus rain may have little to no effect on clean windows. We're sure you would agree that the reason that one would want ones windows serviced in the first place would be because of attached dirt, pollutants, insect or bird stains, salt water presence in the air, or other longer term moisture presence. It takes time for moisture to affect the clarity of glass.
How can I get a list of references?
Yes simply request one on your initial call or email.
Should I tip?
Tipping is not required but greatly appreciated. Tips can be paid by cash or added to a check or credit card payment. If adding a tip to a check payment make sure you make a note of it on the memo line of your check.