Pressure Washing

Los Angeles Pressure Cleaning

We offer comprehensive power washing services for both residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are trained to safely remove dirt and debris that causes your home or business to not look its best. Whether its loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud or other organic build-up, it is usually removable with the right expertise and tools. We are experts at identifying what works best to remove unsightly grime or even stains from just about any surface, even if what works best is not pressure.
Unfortunately, every homeowner or property manager eventually has to contend with age and environment having a negative impact on the visual appeal of their property. Your siding, walkways, patios, or decks can become eyesores if left to the elements for too long. Our pressure washing removes this unsightly build-up and can make your property look fresh and clean again. You will be amazed at the difference!

Can't I Pressure Wash it Myself?

Many people with their own pressure washer may wonder, 
'Why hire a company to do something I can do myself?'
The answer comes down to equipment, experience and
convenience. Big box stores will sell machines that work
but don't last long and may take up to 5 times longer to
do the same tasks as our equipment. And without proper
chemical knowledge you could be risking time out of
your busy schedule only to have to call someone to
perform the work over again.
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We have used them before for our window cleaning. Loved them. Excellent.
They are doing everything RIGHT!
Barbara Fortner, Newhall

Pressure is Not Always the Answer

We use pressure to effectively clean many surfaces like concrete and stone, however, you need to be careful about other surfaces where pressure can cause damage. Often times its is better to apply a cleaning solution and agitate the surface with the proper brush and then pressure rinse with a machine. Don't let an inexperienced pressure cleaner make a mess of your property. Give us a call for a free quote!
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Recent Pressure Washing Projects

Maybe you've seen us around town in our red vehicles driving down your street or cleaning your neighbors driveway. We cover a large area and chances are good that your home or business are in that area. We hope you'll give us a call and experience the same quality of service as the clients below have. Thanks for checking us out!

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