Screen Repair

Precise Work

Repairing screens or replacing them requires precise measuring, cutting, rolling, trimming and checking, only to have to
be repeated. You have to make sure the screen sits just right in the windows. If it is too big it will be hard to remove and if it just a hair too small the bugs will get in. Make sure you hire a crew that cares to measure twice.
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We have used them before for our window cleaning. Loved them. Excellent.
They are doing everything RIGHT!
Barbara Fortner, Newhall

Keep the creepy-crawlies out

Screens are meant to keep out flying insects as well as the ones who would prefer to walk in, but if your screen is bent or has a hole then you might as well remove the screen. It doesn't take much for an insect to get into a screen that is in disrepair. We have found geckos and even frogs make their way past screens that are no longer tight or seamless. We can repair or replace any screens that need attention so that you can keep the creatures out of your home.
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Recent Screen Repair Projects

Repairing screens seems pretty straight forward until you try it. Screens are rascally creatures that require the right tools to tame. But even with proper equipment you need the right touch. Otherwise you may find yourself having to start over and over on the same screen because the screen just won't sit evenly across the frame or you cut the frame too short for the window. Then just when you think you are done with one you hold it up to the light to find that the screen twists by itself and you realize you set it unevenly. But don't worry we've been there and come out on the other side just fine. But we wouldn't recommend doing it yourself unless your going to make a career of it as we have.