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Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

You need workers who are make your life simpler, who are predictable and don't add to your daily stress. They need to be workers you can trust to arrive on time and get to work. Our aim is to brighten your day with our window cleaning services and never make you feel like you should have done the work yourself. We know that companies are providing consistently poorer service and results every day which makes choosing a good company harder and harder. Well, we can only brag about ourselves so much, instead we have chosen to put our money where our mouth is. If you are not 100% satisfied with your service we will make it right or refund your service. Sounds simple and it really is.

Our Advantages

We maintain a high level of professionalism
We perform with consistent quality
We give our best first and final impression
We value our customers time. We are punctual.
Our techniques and knowledge is up to date.
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20+ Years Experience

We have been cleaning windows and pressure washing long enough to see window manufacturing change and building construction materials vary over the years. We have made our mistakes and learned our lessons to the benefit of our customers. We safely perform our services with the knowledge and experience that comes with thousands of man-hours on the job, perfecting our trade.

Whether climbing a ladder to remove screens, moving through busy construction sites with heavy equipment or hanging from a bosun's chair, for us, its just another day at the office.

Our Team

We are uniformed and clean cut.
We will not use profanity or speak disrespectfully.
We do not smoke on job.
We are trained regularly.
We are friendly, personable and honest.
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$1 Million Liability Insurance

Although we employ safe work habits and our workers are trained in job-site safety we know that things do happen. You can never be too careful with another person's property. We carry insurance to give both our clients and our accountant peace of mind. Make sure you check a company's insurance status before letting them do work on your home or business property, whether they are there to clean, paint or fix your computer mistakes can happen. Make sure that they are are licensed insured and bonded. We are happy to show our certificates of insurance upon request.
We have used them before for our window cleaning. Loved them. Excellent.
They are doing everything RIGHT!
Barbara Fortner, Newhall